New Year. New Resolutions… 

​2017. Here we are!!!

New year. New me… maybe not! New year resolutions are always so hard once the new year starts! While stuffed to the brim with Christmas dinner its easy to say ‘I am going to lose weight!’ in reality its hard to say no to that yummy pastry or cheeky take out! 

So. To help you meet in the middle and make a compromise you wont feel guilty with; ask us to substitute your carbs for a healthy salad!!! Just have a word with our manager and see what they can do!

I Leave with a ‘healthy’ recipe for a salad. Easy really… 

Chop up the following:

Lettuce. Cucumber. Tomato. Olives. Rockets (optional). Chicken tikka. 

Mix it all up in a bowl.

Use Tower Tandoori chutney as dressing 😉😉

Voila! Chicken tikka salad ready!!! 

Until next time…

BlogWali xx 


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