A Pink Spring 🌹

Finally, we may be saying hello to spring and sun afterall! After 2 random snow storms we can only hope it’s going to be spring from now on!! Don’t forget that rain is very important for a British Spring!

This year we have decided to introduce a Kashmiri Chai; a blend of spices, tea and pinkness! Garnished with pistachios this is perfect for those rainy nights!

We will be featuring it throughout the season so don’t forget to give it a try!

This Easter Sunday enjoy our special banquet featuring dishes such as Dim Bhuna (Egg curry) and Bengali style Chicken Roast.

Also, have you been keeping up to date with our Google page? Thanks to everyone’s lovely reviews we are now a 4.2 Star Restuarant. Let’s make it into a 5!!

Well that’s it for now. Until next time…

Blogwali xxx


And I (we) Will Always Love Youuuuuuuuuu ❤

Valentines day… the most romantic day of the year is coming very quickly and we are prepared as always!

With a special menu to cater for all tastebuds and preferences you can’t go wrong! Not only that… if you haven’t had the time to buy that perfume, necklace or box of chocolates for your better half; dont worry because we sell gift cards! Just go online to our website http://www.towertandoori.co.uk and click the ‘giftcard’ link. It really is that simple!

That’s it for now, I’m going to attach a copy of the menu so you can see for yourself what we have to offer…

P.s. Due to popular demand on our Twitter poll we added the oyster dish and the kale and chickpea curry to the menu! Bon Appetit

Until next time… love you lots and keep eating! Blogwali xxx

Dining With Well-Behaved Kids (LOL)

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to all of you!!!! Hope your keeping to your new year resolutions this time!! I thought this month i’d talk about something new and exciting… 

We’ve all been there. We plan a dinner out with kids; planned down to last second because a mental breakdown with a 4 year old is the last thing you want… only to find out the food just isn’t to their liking nor does it add any nutritional value to their daily intake!! ARRRGH WHAT A PAIN!!! 

Well your prayers have been answered! Your favourite indian curry house ( Us; Tower Tandoori) have launched a new kids menu!! Word search, dot-to-dot, drawing/colouring and competitions are what you can use to keep the children entertained while you dine in peace! Not to mention the fact you can get upto 2/5 a day with our menu! Just ask a waiter for any help in choosing the dishes and they will love to help!

I think thats it for now. Hope to see and the kids soon! 

Until next time… Blogwali xxx 

It’s that time of the year again!!!

Heyyy guys! 

Can you believe its Mid-November already!!! That means the festive lights, trees, stockings and decorations can come out again; YESSSSSSSS!!!! However, to those unfortunate human beings out there who prefer to be scrooges in this beautiful season; bah humbug! 🤣

If you havent booked your xmas party yet then dont forget we can seat upto 100 guests and our bar is truly great! We are known for hosting some pretty cool partys! Give us a shout and we can arrange everything to suit you. We’ll even throw in some crackers!

Check out our Christmas day menu to see what specials we have lined up for you and your guests. 
Chat to you soon and ALWAYS stay in touch!! 

Until next time, blogwali xxx

Ceylon Tea, ‘Weird Masks & Spice Tins…

Hi! Long time no chat! We at the Tower Tandoori have been very busy with our tuck shop this month! We will be selling some souvineers that were brought on our food tour in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. 

To make it all the better… we will be giving our profits to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphange as promised! 

Also… We will be starting our Sri Lanka month (finally) from the 9th of October so get ready for coconuts and chutney! 

Until next time, take care and keep on eating!!!

Blogwali xxx

Balle Balle With Tower Tandoori! 

Hi guys! Been a long time since we last spoke (so to speak) but we have been very very busy with making September a memorable month for you all!

‘Its the time to bhangra…’ 

So firstly we are hosting an exciting and fun-filled Bollywood night! A 3 course meal, Bollywood live dancing and a DJ so all of you can join the dance floor! It’s only £19.95 per guest so make sure you buy your tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment. 

Keep the 13th of September free in your diary and get ready to bhangra!

So I’ll see you on the night. Until next time… Blogwali xxx

We ♡ Manchester 

​Hello everyone! BlogWali is back!
This blog entry will be a bit more sombre than usual. With the latest attacks In Manchester this is the time we must all stand together in unity& support one another!
As a way to help the victims of the Manchester attacks we have decided to give 50p towards the victims for every customer that dines in or orders a take away. 

Just our way of saying ‘We Are With you’

Until next time. The BlogWali xxx
Ps. Don’t forget to vote! Every vote counts x