Helllloooooo Curry Lover

Im here to bring you a blog about all things spicy, curry and food related! Every week, I will bring you a blog related to spice and all things nice. Do stay tuned as I will write about a variety of topics, from facepacks to recipes to travel and much more!

Hopefully, I won’t bore you TOO much but if I do just let me know! Comment on what topics you want me to write about and I’ll do my best!

This week I will write a little about so called ready made Indian cooking.

We may assume that buying ready made Indian curry from the supermarket is quick, easy and tasty but we are so very wrong! Ready made food may be quick as the only skills required is heating it up in a microwave; however the taste is something you do not want to play around with.

I once tried a supermarket korma and after two spoons it went down the drain (quite literally). I found it slightly insulting this ‘food’ was being passed on as curry *sigh*. I’m not patriotic but I dont mess around with my food!!! Bottom line. Don’t buy and eat supermarket curry. Its cheaper to buy ingredients and cook and if thats too much work then give us a ring on 02072372247 😉 (see what i did there; blatant advertising).

Until next time… The Blog-Wali xx



2 thoughts on “Helllloooooo Curry Lover

  1. Very true about supermarket Indian food, I bought one ten years ago and did the same, threw it away after a mouthful, never again. I always eat from authentic restaurants. Good on you Tower Tandoori, I might try you out sometime

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