Newsletter; so we can interact even more!

This week I sent out a newsletter to all our contacts just because I felt we needed another platform to interact in… For those who do not recieve the newsletter here is a URL link to it and just DM me your email address and I’ll add you onto the mailing list so you don’t miss out anymore!

These newsletters will be monthly but I will still blog, tweet and post on Facebook as usual!!

So. It’s nearly Easter. This Easter has coincided with the Bengali New Year and for that reason our Easter Banquet will be solely traditonal Bengali dishes! Be it yummy Aubergine Mash, Mustard Prawns, Fried Roopchanda  (pomfret) or Potato and Egg curry to name a few. Don’t miss out on these famous dishes this Easter Sunday! 

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great relaxing Easter/Bank holiday weekend & keep in touch! 

BlogWali xx 


Ayubowan! (Greetings from Srilanka)

A food tour. Yes. 

In Asia. Yess!

In Sri Lanka? YES PLEASE!!!

So, we did a food tour in Sri Lanka and can I just say how beautiful the Island truly is? The scenery. The culture. The history. Most importantly; the food! The fresh seafood. The endless crabs at the seafront. Just remembering it is making my mouth water. 

We enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided to do a month dedicated to Sri Lanka! 

Keep connected with us through twitter and facebook to find out more and don’t worry; my next few blogs will be all about Srilanka! 

Until next time…

Gihin Ennam!  (Byee!)

BlogWali xx 

Love is in the air ❤

With Valentines around the corner you’ll be glad to hear Tower Tandoori will introducing a Valentines Special Menu! 

Tower Tandoori is ideal for taking your loved one (s) out for a delicious and romantic meal. Have a word with our manager when you reserve your table for any special requirements you might have in order to make the night extra special. And dont forget… first few lady customers get a rose from us! 

Our Valentines Special Menu will be out very soon; keep an eye out for our tweets and facebook posts to be the first to see it! 

Until next time…

BlogWali xx 

P.s. Our restaurant would be perfect for that proposal 😉

New Year. New Resolutions… 

​2017. Here we are!!!

New year. New me… maybe not! New year resolutions are always so hard once the new year starts! While stuffed to the brim with Christmas dinner its easy to say ‘I am going to lose weight!’ in reality its hard to say no to that yummy pastry or cheeky take out! 

So. To help you meet in the middle and make a compromise you wont feel guilty with; ask us to substitute your carbs for a healthy salad!!! Just have a word with our manager and see what they can do!

I Leave with a ‘healthy’ recipe for a salad. Easy really… 

Chop up the following:

Lettuce. Cucumber. Tomato. Olives. Rockets (optional). Chicken tikka. 

Mix it all up in a bowl.

Use Tower Tandoori chutney as dressing 😉😉

Voila! Chicken tikka salad ready!!! 

Until next time…

BlogWali xx 

2017. Here we come… 

​So. Last blog of the 2016. I would make false promises of new years resolutions but lets be honest; they last all of 3 days post new years! 

1 thing I will promise though; to blog more often!! More often and with more yummy authentic Tower Tandoori recipes!

As usual I will be watching the fireworks… from my tv screen lol! If however you have the will power to go and watch them in the cold at the London Eye then have dinner with us before you head off! We have a special new years menu and a special New Year Banquet for Sunday lunch! Either way, come join us!

Until next year… #HappyNewYear

BlogWali xx


​Who says that black friday sales apply to retail stores only?? We at the Tower Tandoori are offering 15% off your home dining order made on from this Friday (tonight) to Monday (28th Nov). Obviously terms and conditions apply (yawn) but you can just ring and ask or check out the website for more deets (details). 

As for the sales, comment below with all your finds online and instore. Infact, i’ll start you off:

*Amazon Fire 16gb. Only 39.99 from amazon!! 

Ok. I’m off for now. Until next time…

BlogWali xx 

P.s Make sure you check out our frstive menu, Xmas day menu and New Years menu. Follow us on Twitter and befriend us on facebook. 


XMAS!! 🎄

​Heyy guys! 

November is here and with only weeks left till Christmas we are so excited!! 

For all those living in a cave and with no access to social media… we do great Christmas partys at the Tower Tandoori! We can accommodate upto 100 guests; making it ideal for large office partys, family get-togethers but also cosy enough for a party of 5. All we ask is that you call/email/contact via form on our website and talk to us! We can sort out all the nitty gritty and do all the hard work so you dont have to! 

Make sure you keep an eye out for our tweets and facebook posts for more updates. 

And with that, i’m going to leave you with our special party menu! 

Until next time… BlogWali xx